Terminal Signal? What is the Terminal Signal?

Terminal Signal is a short news/rant music podcast that airs Monday-Friday mornings. It is hosted by AngryBob. Don’t plan on being over ten minutes long on any given day. Don’t foresee playing more than two or three songs on any given day.
Unless that given day is Sunday.
Sunday may start containing a longer, stringer podcast. An hour or so of music. It depends on the given mood, the current week and how bored I get on Saturday.


The modem sound in the beginning of the podcast is from the end/contact information from Cartoon Networks Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

The little ditty at the end “Weh Weh” is by the Ramones, also from SGC2C.

The music what plays when I’m talking is Blues for Bukowski, by Chris Murphy, with bass by Mike Watt.

This disclaimer was ripped off almost verbatim from Scott Hudson, host of The Ledge:
The music located on this podcast is a sampler of really good songs from albums that I want people to discover. They are for evaluation purposes only: please go out and buy the records! All tracks are posted out of love and the desire to share; stream the tracks instead of downloading. If you are the copyright holder of any song posted here, please contact me if you would like the song taken down.

Most of the artwork I use for my show posters is ripped off of the internet. Usually old pulp art, occasionally photos or other material. When I have someone to credit, I will. If you have a photo, painting or piece of art that I have thrown Terminal Signal “bad touch” on, let me know. I will take it down or credit/link it back to you.

I can be reached via dharmabob(at)gmail(dot)com.