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EP #116: Lonesome Hot Rod Punk Rock Girls Are Orn’ry And Mean

Missed the show Friday? Me too.

I’ve been working strange hours as I train and gear up for the new job. I woke up Friday morning and realized I hadn’t done a show and said, “Ah, fuck”. Then I went to work.

It’s bonfire day in the UK. I didn’t have any songs about that, so instead I played these for another Kick off the Covers Monday.

Terminal Signal Playlist #116 11/5/2012:

Hot Rod Lincoln – Les Claypool (Arkie Shibley and his Mountain Dew Boys)
Punk Rock Girl – Shawn Rohlf and The Buskers (Dead Milkmen)
Lonesome On’ry and Mean – Henry Rollins (Waylon Jennings)