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EP #140: End Of The World

So, the world ends today. Here’s some music to help you cope with that End of the World thing.

Personally, I feel fine.

Terminal Signal EP #140

Smoldering Fuselage – Mission of Burma
We All Burn Together – Dead Unicorn
Earth Died Screaming – Tom Waits


LP#4 Saturday Night Special!

Yep. I felt so guilty about missing Thursday and Friday’s EP’s that I decided to make it up to y’all by doing another LP.
And I even did a “Three For” block, and a Psychobilly Set! So we’re all caught up and then some. Right? Right.

Terminal Signal LP #4 Playlist:

  1. Saturday Night Special – The Replacements
  2. Alcohol – Saturday Looks Good To Me
  3. Again and Again – Black Lips
  4. Complete Control – The Clash
  5. Give Me Fire – GBH
  6. Radio Havana – Rancid
  7. Sands of Iwo Jima – Drive-By Truckers
  8. (Looking For) The Heart of Saturday Night – Tom Waits
  9. Here Comes Your Man – Pixies
  10. Dead in the Water – Supersuckers
  11. Pretty Fucked Up – Supersuckers
  12. Devil’s Food – Supersuckers
  13. Evil Eye – The Flametrick Subs
  14. Sweat in the Pillow – Cures of the Pink Hearse
  15. Daisy’s Up Your Butterfly – The Cramps
  16. Whatever Happened To Saturday Night – Brian May & Original RHPS Cast

EP #115: Tom Waits Three For Thursday

Tom Waits.

Do I need to say more?


Terminal Signal Playlist #115 11/1/12:

I Don’t Want To Grow Up – Tom Waits
Big In Japan – Tom Waits
Downtown Train – Tom Waits


Episode #107: Ramones Covers

It’s Monday! Covers! Ramones!

Also, below is the article used in the cover art for today’s episode in case anyone wants to read Steve Morrissey’s full opinion on the Ramones. And people wonder why I had an entire episode dedicated to my hatred of Morrissey….

Terminal Signal Playlist# 107 10/22/12:

53rd & 3rd – Screeching Weasel (Ramones)
We’re a HAppy Family – Bad Religion (Ramones)
Danny Says – Tom Waits (Ramones)

Fucking Morrissey…

Episode #22: Burnin’ for Jackie & Judy

Covers Monday with a Burnin’ for Jackie & Judy! Covers by Tom Waits and Mike Watt.

An update on the Blasters Phil Alvin. He’s doing better.

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Terminal Signal Playlist for 6/25/12:

Return of Jackie & Judy – Tom Waits (Ramones)
Burnin’ for You – Mike Watt (Blue Öyster Cult)