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EP #111: Spooked Out Psychobilly Friday

Yeah. Not so much spooked out, but I was sick of trying to name this Ep. Spooky enough though. So just enjoy it. When I play spookier psychobilly, I’ll call that Ep “Really Spooked Out Psychobilly Friday”.

Halloween Extravaganza Ledge tonight at 7pm over at realpunkradio.com… Don’t miss that.

Cover art for today’s episode was yanked from the fantastic artwork of PapaNinja. I grabbed it here…

Terminal Signal Playlist #111 10/26/12:

Ghouls – Horrorpops
Corpse Grinder – The Meteors
Annabel Lee – Tiger Army


Episode #81: Psychobilly A Go Go!

Maybe Doctor Bombay don’t quite fit. But I wanted to play the song, so I did. And you like it. So, all fucking good on all ends.

Terminal Signal Playlist #81 9/14/12:

XRay Love – Doctor Bombay and the Atomic Bachelor Pad
Never Die – Tiger Army
Heading For The Disco? – The Horrorpops

Links what I mentioned:

Real Punk Radio: Streaming radio!
GaragePunk Hideout: Podcasts and Community!
The Ledge: Scott Hudson when he’s not streaming at Real Punk.
Not the Show: We actually play some music, but mostly geek chatter.

Today’s psychobilly friendly poster was culled from the internets over at More Senseless Acts of Bloggery.