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EP #136: Kick Off From The Garage

It’s Monday. Kick Off The Covers with Garage Rock!

Terminal Signal EP #136:

The Crusher – The Cramps (The Novas)
Good Golly Miss Molly – The Sonics (Little Richard)
You Lied To Me Before – Thee Dirtybeats (Treez)


LP #2: The Halloween Experience Part 2: The Return of AngryBob

It’s the second LP from the Terminal Signal! The Halloween Experience continues!

Terminal Signal Lp#2 Playlist:

  1. Spooks Night Out – The Legendary Invisible Men
  2. Rockin’ In The Graveyard – Thee Gravemen
  3. The Witch – Thee Dirtybeats
  4. The Devil’s Outlaw – Thee Merry Widows
  5. The Maniac – Thee Cormans
  6. Voodoo, Voodoo – LaVerne Baker
  7. I’d Rather be the Devil – Otis Spann
  8. Up Jumped the Devil – Louis Jordan
  9. Mean and Evil Blues – Dinah Washington
  10. Haulin’ Hearse – Ghastly Ones
  11. Angel With Batwings – The Improbables
  12. Buried Alive (live) – The Black Lips
  13. Eyes of Satan – New Bomb Turks
  14. Hellbilly – Hank III
  15. It’s Alive – Hellbillys
  16. I’m a Hellcat – Nekromantix
  17. Dead Man’s Party – Hillbilly Hellcats
  18. The Hills Have Eyes – The Meteors
  19. Race With the Devil – The Gun
  20. Dead Kids From Mars – The Paper Shapes
  21. Devil Do – Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs

Episode #102: Help! Jet Boy, Jet Girl! I’m A Cool One!

Today’s cover art is representative of only one of the songs on today’s podcast. I just want to get that out there so that nobody thinks I’m alluding to the sexual orientation of any of the other songs or artists today.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I also give away my guess at a spoiler for the upcoming season of The Walking Dead. It’s safe to say that it’s a safe spoiler, so you shouldn’t be afraid to hear it. If it happens on the show for real, I’d say you’d probably stop caring much about the show by the point anyway.

I also announce the upcoming hour long Halloween episodes!

And I play these:

Terminal Signal Playlist #102 10/15/12:

Help! – The Damned (The Beatles)
Jet Boy Jet Girl – Chron Gen (Elton Motello)
Cool One – Thee Dirtybeats (Sounds Unlimited)


Episode #32: The Monday Coverup presents Thee Dirtybeats

Monday. Covers! Recently made acquaintance with Thee Dirty Beats, a band out of Chapel Hill, NC that specializes in vintage garage rock. They do some great stuff, and have easily wormed their way into my playlists. And so I play them here. And I’ll play them here again.

You can find them at TheeDirtybeats.com, or facebook, or over at the Garage Punk Hideout and download their album for free over at their bandcamp page, and let them worm their way into your playlist.

Terminal Signal Playlist for 7/9/12:

Mannequin – fIREHOSE (Wire)
The Witch – Thee Dirtybeats (the Sonics)
Electricity – Sonic Youth (Captain Beefheart)