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EP #123: Don’t Push The Guilty Ugly Child Around

That may be a Guilty Ugly Child now, but it was someone’s baby once…


Here’s the playlist for today’s EP.

Terminal Signal EP #123 11/20/12:

Don’t Push Me Around – Zeroes
Ugly – The Stranglers
Guilty Child – DMZ


Episode #72: Labor Day!

It’s Labor Day! A day for the working stiff! Yeah, stiff!

Using a new backing loop for when I talk. It’s looped out of Wire’s Three Girl Rhumba.

Terminal Signal Playlist for Labor Day, 9/3/12:

All Day And All Of The Night – The Stranglers (The Kinks)
Money – The Stooges (Barrett Strong)
White Light/White Heat – Slaughter and the Dogs (Velvet Underground)