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EP #143: Mojo Nixon Three For Thursday!

“We asked for Mojo Nixon, they said ‘He don’t work here.’ We said if you don’t know Mojo Nixon then your store could use some fixin’.”

The Dead Milkmen said it. It couldn’t have been said better. So today we have a Three for Thursday featuring Mojo Nixon.

Terminal Signal EP #143 1/17/13:

When the Levee Breaks – Mojo Nixon and the Toad Liquors (Led Zeppelin… sorta)
Debbie Gibson is Pregnant With My Two Headed Love Child – Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper
Girlfriend in a Coma – Mojo Nixon (The Smiths)


Episode #17: Girlfriend In A Coma After Falling Into Funnel of Love

Came across this today…

Steven Morrisey was shocked today to learn that his girlfriend, Wanda Jackson was in a coma after falling into the notorious Funnel of Love.

“There were times, that I could have murdered her,” he wept. “But I didn’t ever want anything to hurt her. She always said that the funnel of love was going to get her someday.”

Dr. M Nixon says her prognosis is not good. “It’s just another case of Southern Culture on the Skids,” he said.

Yeah. I think I’m cute.

Terminal Signal Playlist for 6/18/12

Funnel of Love – Southern Culture on the Skids (Wanda Jackson)- Countrypolitan Favorites 
Girlfriend in a Coma – Mojo Nixon (The Smiths) – Whereabouts Unknown