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LP #6: Happy Birthday Angie!

It’s my daughter’s birthday!

Today’s LP is dedicated to her, and features music she loves or stuff that makes me think of her for one reason or another.

Terminal Signal LP #6 Playlist:

  1. Kids In America – The Muffs
  2. Punkrock Girl – Dead Milkmen
  3. I Don’t Want To Grow Up – Ramones
  4. Baby What’s New – The Shitbirds
  5. Chick Habit – April March
  6. Pretty Fucked Up – Supersuckers
  7. Don’t Want To Know If You’re Lonely – Hüsker Dü
  8. Have You Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t Have Fallen In Love With) – Buzzcocks
  9. Train in Vain – The Clash
  10. War Pigs – Cake
  11. Astro Zombies – Misfits
  12. Skulls – Bitchfits
  13. Cyborg – The Phenomenauts
  14. The Time Warp – Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack
  15. Rock ‘n’ Roll High School – Ramones
  16. Don’t You (Forget About Me) – Soma
  17. Through the Roof ‘N’ Underground – Gogol Bordello
  18. Hey – Pixies
  19. Straight to Hell – Lily Allen
  20. What A Wonderful World – Joey Ramone
  21. Miserable – AngryBob

EP #122: Kick Off The Covers Monday!

Terminal Signal Playlist EP #122 11/19/12:

Under My Thumb – Social Distortion (Rolling Stones)
Make A Circuit With Me – The Phenomenauts (The Polecats)
Eight Miles High – Hüsker Dü (The Byrds)


Episode #71: Blue Moon

There’s a Blue Moon today, which is fitting as Neil Armstrong is laid to rest.

Terminal Signal Playlist for Friday August 31st, 2012:

Blue Moon of Kentucky – Wanda Jackson
Progress Vs. Pettiness – The Phenomenauts
Walking On The Moon – Rabbit Junk


Episode #41: Psychobilly Friday On The Moon!

Title is misleading, since there’s just one Moon song. I do rant a little bit about it though.

So happy anniversary, Neil, Buzz and Mike! When and if we ever get our asses back to the moon, we’ll think about you fondly.

Unless it’s like that Apollo 18 movie.

Enjoy your Psychobilly Friday.

Terminal Signal Playlist for 7/20/12:

The Year 2000 – The Phenomenauts
Glad Rags and Body Bags – Zombie Ghost Train
No Mercy – Mad Sin


Episode #10 The Phenomenauts

It’s another two-for Thursday, this week featuring Sci-fi Legends, the Phenomenauts!

Terminal Signal Podcast Playlist for 6/7/12:

Rocket Roll (Live) – The Phenomenauts – Pre-Entry
Particle Accelerator – The Phenomenauts – Electric Sheep