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EP #141: The Terminal Signal Returns! Kick Off The Covers Monday!

It’s been three weeks since the last time I sullied your bandwidth with the Terminal Signal. I hope you used that time wisely.

I bet you didn’t. Now you’ll be sorry. This is why…

Terminal Signal EP #141 1/14/13:

Underdog – The Dirtbombs (Sly and the Family Stone)
Jumping Jack Flash – The Vibrators (Rolling Stones)
Stay Away – UK Subs (Nirvana)


EP #127: There Should Be Motherfuckin’ Clowns…

Another Kick Off The Covers Monday is upon us! Celebrate with the likes of such you have never seen!

Whatever that means. Motherfuckin’ Clowns!!!

Terminal Signal EP #127 11/26/2012:

Slack Motherfucker – fIREHOSE (Superchunk)
Ha Ha Ha – The Dirtbombs (Flipper)
Let There Be Rock – Henry Rollins and the Hard Ons (ACDC)


Episode #75: The Dirtbombs Four For Thursday!

It’s the Dirtbombs Four for Thursday! Rejoice and be glad, you bastards!

Show runs a little long today, because I couldn’t cut a song. I didn’t want to. I admit it, I didn’t even try. I looked at the time and said…

Fuck it.

Yeah. Rebels!

Terminal Signal Playlist #75 9/6/2012:

Secret Code – The Dirtbombs
Cosmic Cars – The Dirtbombs
Chains of Love – The Dirtbombs
Stuck In Thee Garage – The Dirtbombs

The picture of the Dirtbombs used as today’s poster was taken by Jif. Check out citizenjif.com for some great stuff.



Episode #27: No Particular Place to Kung Fu

You say you have no particular place to go kung fu? Luckily, it’s Monday, that means cover songs, and today I have a couple of classics from Mos Def and The Dirtbombs, while I eagerly await any sort of release of the documentary, “It Came From Detroit” to the public.

So if you’ve seen a screening of “It Came From Detroit”, let me know what you thought of it. I hacked today’s show poster from the documentary’s poster, and as I promise in the podcast, below the playlist is the trailer.

Terminal Signal Playlist for 7/2/2012:

No Particular Place to Go – Mos Def (Chuck Berry)
Kung Fu – The Dirtbombs (Curtis Mayfield)

It Came From Detroit’s web-hole