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Episode #43: Some Clever Title Here

Yeah, I couldn’t think of a clever title.

I don’t need one. Not when I have this…

The Terminal Signal Playlist for 7/24/12:

Coffee Is Good Food – Chachi On Acid
A Good Night’s Bleeding – Saccharine Trust
No Fuckin’ War – The Dicks


Episode #14: SST Records Week! Day 3!

Halfway through SST Records week. I don’t know how I’m choosing stuff. So much to choose from! So… much… to… choose… from! There will have to be a sequel down the line. And possibly an hour or two on a Sunday. We’ll see.

Terminal Signal SST Records Playlist #3 of 5:

Rich Daddy – The Dicks – Kill From the Heart
Tuff Gnarl – Sonic Youth – Sister
Helicopter – Subhumans – No Wishes, No Prayers