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Episode #36: Psychobilly Friday the 13th I

Friday the 13th is one of my favorite holidays, and a great day for Psychobilly. This is the first time these things cross paths on the Terminal Signal, and it won’t be the last.


So chase a black cat under a ladder while swinging a hammer through the hall of mirrors! Forget to throw salt over your shoulder! Have dinner with 12 friends and let one of them know that you know that they’d like to see you nailed to a tree!

And if you make it through the weekend, come back on Monday for some more Terminal Signal.

Terminal Signal Playlist for 7/13/12:

Confessions of a Psycho Cat – The Cramps
Freaks with Uniforms – The Horrorpops
Slow Down, You Grave Robbing Bastard – The Meteors