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EP #127: There Should Be Motherfuckin’ Clowns…

Another Kick Off The Covers Monday is upon us! Celebrate with the likes of such you have never seen!

Whatever that means. Motherfuckin’ Clowns!!!

Terminal Signal EP #127 11/26/2012:

Slack Motherfucker – fIREHOSE (Superchunk)
Ha Ha Ha – The Dirtbombs (Flipper)
Let There Be Rock – Henry Rollins and the Hard Ons (ACDC)


Episode #28: Learning to Surf the Trailerpark Boneyard

If you’d like to learn how to Surf the Trailerpark Boneyard, then this is the episode for you.

Just be careful with your alcohol and explosives.

Terminal Signal Playlist for 7/3/12:

Learned to Surf – Superchunk
Trailer Park Boneyard – The Coathangers