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EP #118: My Brain Is Trashed

That’s why I’ve just got this much to say…

Terminal Signal Playlist #118 11/7/2012:

Banned in DC – Bad Brains
Good Man – Heavy Trash
Hot Wire My Heart – Sonic Youth


Episode #59: Short Songs Explosion!

Short songs are part of what makes punk, punk. Find me an Elton John song under a minute. You can’t.

Not without a ticket to an Elton John show and a sniper rifle, anyway.

And, no I don’t endorse shooting Elton John. He sang that song about Tony Danza, and I like that song.

Today, I give you ten songs in under ten minutes. I only mention nine on the podcast, but saw I had room for one more, so consider the last one a bonus track.

Terminal Signal Playlist for Wednesday 8/15/12:

Give Punk A Chance – Bad Religion
Middle – Rocket From The Crypt
Nic Fit – Sonic Youth
Group Sex – Circle Jerks
The Point – Vinyl Flooring
Give Me Some Action – Fear
F.V.K. – Bad Brains
The Maze – Minutemen
Say No To Authority – Screeching Weasel
Foreign Laws – Meat Puppets (Bonus Track)


Episode #32: The Monday Coverup presents Thee Dirtybeats

Monday. Covers! Recently made acquaintance with Thee Dirty Beats, a band out of Chapel Hill, NC that specializes in vintage garage rock. They do some great stuff, and have easily wormed their way into my playlists. And so I play them here. And I’ll play them here again.

You can find them at TheeDirtybeats.com, or facebook, or over at the Garage Punk Hideout and download their album for free over at their bandcamp page, and let them worm their way into your playlist.

Terminal Signal Playlist for 7/9/12:

Mannequin – fIREHOSE (Wire)
The Witch – Thee Dirtybeats (the Sonics)
Electricity – Sonic Youth (Captain Beefheart)


Episode #14: SST Records Week! Day 3!

Halfway through SST Records week. I don’t know how I’m choosing stuff. So much to choose from! So… much… to… choose… from! There will have to be a sequel down the line. And possibly an hour or two on a Sunday. We’ll see.

Terminal Signal SST Records Playlist #3 of 5:

Rich Daddy – The Dicks – Kill From the Heart
Tuff Gnarl – Sonic Youth – Sister
Helicopter – Subhumans – No Wishes, No Prayers