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Episode #83: Progress is The House, The System, The Concrete, The Helicopter Spies

It’s a post-punk sort of Tuesday. What is post-punk? It’s a title. That’s all. I mean, you can go and look it up on Wikipedia, or ask a snarky record shop guy, but really… It’s just a title. So why do I bring it up? Fuck if I know. But all of today’s bands are labeled post-punk somewhere. And I wanted something to say here. To avoid the space and all that.

Terminal Signal Playlist #83 9/18/12:

Progress – Mission of Burma
The House, The System, The Concrete – Saccharine Trust
The Helicopter Spies – Swell Maps

Today’s cover art was swiped from Norman Fucking Rockwell. It’s called Girl With Black Eye. This girl is punk.


Episode #43: Some Clever Title Here

Yeah, I couldn’t think of a clever title.

I don’t need one. Not when I have this…

The Terminal Signal Playlist for 7/24/12:

Coffee Is Good Food – Chachi On Acid
A Good Night’s Bleeding – Saccharine Trust
No Fuckin’ War – The Dicks


Episode #13 – SST Records Week – Day 2!

SST Records week continues! … And is interrupted by shit music news! Josh Gross of the Boise Weekly warns us that Nickelback is playing Idaho tomorrow night with the best music column write up… EVER.

Terminal Signal SST Records Playlist #2 of 5:

Meat Puppets – Meat Puppets – Meat Puppets (Yes I did that on purpose.)
Speak – Saccharine Trust – Surviving You, Always
Just Me – Angst – The Blasting Concept Vol II