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EP #141: The Terminal Signal Returns! Kick Off The Covers Monday!

It’s been three weeks since the last time I sullied your bandwidth with the Terminal Signal. I hope you used that time wisely.

I bet you didn’t. Now you’ll be sorry. This is why…

Terminal Signal EP #141 1/14/13:

Underdog – The Dirtbombs (Sly and the Family Stone)
Jumping Jack Flash – The Vibrators (Rolling Stones)
Stay Away – UK Subs (Nirvana)


EP #122: Kick Off The Covers Monday!

Terminal Signal Playlist EP #122 11/19/12:

Under My Thumb – Social Distortion (Rolling Stones)
Make A Circuit With Me – The Phenomenauts (The Polecats)
Eight Miles High – Hüsker Dü (The Byrds)