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EP #113: Spooky Weather – Hurricane Sandy Edition

I hope all of you who pick up hitchhikers on I40 and especially those of you who have “hunkered” down through Hurricane Sandy are safe.

Swapped out a couple of the songs planned for today to play a couple of songs that are sort of weather related. This is them…

Terminal Signal Playlist #113 10/30/12:

Roadside Cross – Deadbolt
Stormy Weather – Reigning Sound
Weatherbox – Mission of Burma


Episode #53: Let’s Get Out of the Brown Paper Sack

Back from Florida with a new show opening! Sexy!

Terminal Signal Playlist for 8/7/12:

Let’s Get Out Of Here – Les Savy Fav
Brown Paper Sack – Reigning Sound
Pretty Lightning – New Bomb Turks


Terminal Signal #3


Stormy Weather – Reigning Sound – Time Bomb High School

Tick, Tick, Boom – The Hives – The Black and White Album