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Episode #100: Double Four For Thursday Blowout!

Episode 100! A double Four for Thursday with the Ramones and The Cramps!!

You deserve it.

Terminal Signal Playlist #100 10/11/12:


Blitzkreig Bop
Havana Affair
The KKK Took My Baby Away

The Cramps

Faster Pussycat
The Crusher
Goo Goo Muck
Bikini Girls With Machine Guns


Episode #93: On Describing Punk

Three great punk songs for a Tuesday. Also a really shitty Ramones lesson. All for you, all for Tuesday.

Terminal Signal Playlist #93 10/2/2012:

Metastasis – Naked Raygun
My Right – Screeching Weasel
Time Bomb – Ramones


Episode #87: Those Wild 60’s!

Yep. The 60’s were a wild time. Everybody was dropping the LSD or joining the LDS. And apes on acid were running amok, raping actresses on TV or something.

And people wonder why top 40 sucks today.

Terminal Signal Playlist #87 9/24/12:

We Got To Get Out Of This Place – Fear – (The Animals)
Harlem Shuffle – The’s (Bob & Earl)
Journey to the Center of the Mind – Ramones (the Amboy Dukes)

Poster image clipped from Dangerous Minds.

And here’s that link for Radioactive International for some great internets streaming radio. 


Episode #73: Back To School!

Kids are back in school. Watch your asses on the roads, you bastards.

Terminal Signal Playlist for Tuesday 9/4/12:

Hot Generation – Pandoras
Can’t You Do Anything Right – Lazy Cowgirls
Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio – Ramones


Episode #68: Every Time I Eat Vegetables It Gives Me That Argy Bargy

I talk a little about my recent medical issue, bleeding eyeballs (not mine) and I play three great tracks. Listen up.

Terminal Signal Playlist for Tuesday 8/28/12:

No Grave But The Sea – Murder City Devils
Argy Bargy – Cock Sparrer
Everytime I eat Vegeatbles – The Ramones