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EP #140: End Of The World

So, the world ends today. Here’s some music to help you cope with that End of the World thing.

Personally, I feel fine.

Terminal Signal EP #140

Smoldering Fuselage – Mission of Burma
We All Burn Together – Dead Unicorn
Earth Died Screaming – Tom Waits


EP #132: Excess Devotion to Sleep

Try and sleep through this. You can’t. Really. And if you can, there’s something seriously wrong with you.

I’m seriously, you guys.

Terminal Signal EP #132 12/4/12:

I Wanna Sleep – New Bomb Turks
Excess Energies – Les Savy Fav
Devotion – Mission of Burma


EP #113: Spooky Weather – Hurricane Sandy Edition

I hope all of you who pick up hitchhikers on I40 and especially those of you who have “hunkered” down through Hurricane Sandy are safe.

Swapped out a couple of the songs planned for today to play a couple of songs that are sort of weather related. This is them…

Terminal Signal Playlist #113 10/30/12:

Roadside Cross – Deadbolt
Stormy Weather – Reigning Sound
Weatherbox – Mission of Burma


Episode #99: Revolution 99

Got some nice earworms for you today.

Terminal Signal Playlist #99 10/10/12

Voice of God is Government – Bad Religion
In A Free Land – Hüsker Dü
Wounded World – Mission of Burma


Episode #83: Progress is The House, The System, The Concrete, The Helicopter Spies

It’s a post-punk sort of Tuesday. What is post-punk? It’s a title. That’s all. I mean, you can go and look it up on Wikipedia, or ask a snarky record shop guy, but really… It’s just a title. So why do I bring it up? Fuck if I know. But all of today’s bands are labeled post-punk somewhere. And I wanted something to say here. To avoid the space and all that.

Terminal Signal Playlist #83 9/18/12:

Progress – Mission of Burma
The House, The System, The Concrete – Saccharine Trust
The Helicopter Spies – Swell Maps

Today’s cover art was swiped from Norman Fucking Rockwell. It’s called Girl With Black Eye. This girl is punk.