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Episode #84: Punk Unplugged!

It’s a Punk Unplugged episode of the Terminal Signal today. All acoustic jams! Love it!

Terminal Signal Playlist #84 9/19/12:

Won’t Somebody – Bad Religion
Little Man with a Gun In His Hand – Minutemen
Liberty and Freedom – Rancid

And again, cover art from Normal Rockwell.


Episode #59: Short Songs Explosion!

Short songs are part of what makes punk, punk. Find me an Elton John song under a minute. You can’t.

Not without a ticket to an Elton John show and a sniper rifle, anyway.

And, no I don’t endorse shooting Elton John. He sang that song about Tony Danza, and I like that song.

Today, I give you ten songs in under ten minutes. I only mention nine on the podcast, but saw I had room for one more, so consider the last one a bonus track.

Terminal Signal Playlist for Wednesday 8/15/12:

Give Punk A Chance – Bad Religion
Middle – Rocket From The Crypt
Nic Fit – Sonic Youth
Group Sex – Circle Jerks
The Point – Vinyl Flooring
Give Me Some Action – Fear
F.V.K. – Bad Brains
The Maze – Minutemen
Say No To Authority – Screeching Weasel
Foreign Laws – Meat Puppets (Bonus Track)


Episode #51: Me and You, Remembering Mike Watt

That almost makes it seem like he’s gone. He’s not. Mike Watt lives, kids.
This is the end of Mike Watt Week. So much stuff I missed, sticking mostly with fIREHOSE and the Minutemen. Next time I’ll plan it out better.

Terminal Signal Mike Watt Week Playlist for 8/3/12:

History Lesson Part 2 – Minutemen
One Reporter’s Opinion – Minutemen
Me & You Remembering – fIREHOSE
Making The Freeway – fIREHOSE


Episode 50: Mike Watt Is Here To Take On Fuel And Burn!

It’s the 50th show!
I honestly wasn’t ever sure I’d make it past twenty.
In honor of the usual Thursday theme (three or four songs by the same artist), all of today’s Watt songs are songs sung by Watt.

Terminal Signal Mike Watt Week Playlist for 8/2/12:

Formal Introduction – fIREHOSE
Liberty Calls – Mike Watt
Search – Minutemen