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Episode #47: Burnin’ Up With Mike Watt Week!

Mike Watt Week! Day One! We’ll start off with some covers.

Terminal Signal Mike Watt Week Playlist for 7/30/12:

Burnin’ Up – Ciccione Youth (Madonna)
Sweet Honey Pie – Mike Watt and the Missing Men (Rory Erickson)
Dirty Blue Gene – (Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band)



Episode #22: Burnin’ for Jackie & Judy

Covers Monday with a Burnin’ for Jackie & Judy! Covers by Tom Waits and Mike Watt.

An update on the Blasters Phil Alvin. He’s doing better.

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Terminal Signal Playlist for 6/25/12:

Return of Jackie & Judy – Tom Waits (Ramones)
Burnin’ for You – Mike Watt (Blue Öyster Cult)