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EP #145: The Gun Club! Shoes! Meat Puppets!

You probably think by the title that I’m playing songs by Shoes, the Gun Club and the Meat Puppets.

You couldn’t be more annoying.

Terminal Signal EP #145 – 1/22/2013

Okay – Shoes
Fire Spirit – The Gun Club
Popskull – Meat Puppets


EP #139: M Is For Four For Thursday Meat Puppets!

For Four For! Four For For! For For Four!

It’s a Meat Puppets Four for Thursday, and all songs start with “M”. And M is for Meat Puppets.

Terminal Signal EP #139

Magic Toy Missing – The Meat Puppets
Mirage – The Meat Puppets
Maiden’s Milk – The Meat Puppets
Meltdown – The Meat Puppets


EP #128: I Party Against The Vacant World

Whatever the fuck that means… It has been a pretty vacant world lately though.

Also, Mosh Girl from the cover art may be pretty fucking weird, but she’s also pretty fucking cool. Mosh on, Mosh Girl!

Terminal Signal EP #129 11/28/2012:

Party Til The World Obeys – Meat Puppets
Pretty Vacant Live – Sex Pistols
I Against I – Bad Brains


Episode #74: Automatic Mojo

Another Wednesday is upon you. Hard to believe right? Three day weekends do that to you. Even when you don’t have a day job.

Speaking of day jobs, is it cool to hope that you get hired as a janitor for the Post Office, not just for the job, but because you know that it’ll be a sitcom in your own head?

Well, if it’s wrong, I ain’t right.

Listen to the music, kids. And say goodbye to Michael Clarke Duncan.

Terminal Signal Playlist #74 9/5/12:

What It Is We Fear – Get Smart!
This Ain’t My Time – The Barracudas
Automatic Mojo – Meat Puppets


Episode #59: Short Songs Explosion!

Short songs are part of what makes punk, punk. Find me an Elton John song under a minute. You can’t.

Not without a ticket to an Elton John show and a sniper rifle, anyway.

And, no I don’t endorse shooting Elton John. He sang that song about Tony Danza, and I like that song.

Today, I give you ten songs in under ten minutes. I only mention nine on the podcast, but saw I had room for one more, so consider the last one a bonus track.

Terminal Signal Playlist for Wednesday 8/15/12:

Give Punk A Chance – Bad Religion
Middle – Rocket From The Crypt
Nic Fit – Sonic Youth
Group Sex – Circle Jerks
The Point – Vinyl Flooring
Give Me Some Action – Fear
F.V.K. – Bad Brains
The Maze – Minutemen
Say No To Authority – Screeching Weasel
Foreign Laws – Meat Puppets (Bonus Track)