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EP #127: There Should Be Motherfuckin’ Clowns…

Another Kick Off The Covers Monday is upon us! Celebrate with the likes of such you have never seen!

Whatever that means. Motherfuckin’ Clowns!!!

Terminal Signal EP #127 11/26/2012:

Slack Motherfucker – fIREHOSE (Superchunk)
Ha Ha Ha – The Dirtbombs (Flipper)
Let There Be Rock – Henry Rollins and the Hard Ons (ACDC)


EP #116: Lonesome Hot Rod Punk Rock Girls Are Orn’ry And Mean

Missed the show Friday? Me too.

I’ve been working strange hours as I train and gear up for the new job. I woke up Friday morning and realized I hadn’t done a show and said, “Ah, fuck”. Then I went to work.

It’s bonfire day in the UK. I didn’t have any songs about that, so instead I played these for another Kick off the Covers Monday.

Terminal Signal Playlist #116 11/5/2012:

Hot Rod Lincoln – Les Claypool (Arkie Shibley and his Mountain Dew Boys)
Punk Rock Girl – Shawn Rohlf and The Buskers (Dead Milkmen)
Lonesome On’ry and Mean – Henry Rollins (Waylon Jennings)


Episode #34: We Hate Morrissey

Hating Morrissey can be a full time job. But it shouldn’t be, because if you’re putting that much into it, you’re doing it wrong.

I stumbled across the Meatmen’s hate for Morrissey while moving some old songs to iTunes, and the theme for today was born.

If there is a Morrissey support group for people who want to shake the shame and need for Morrissey, let me know so that we can help others to help themselves.

Terminal Signal Playlist for 7/11/12:

Henry Rollins on why he hates Morrissey
My Life As A Morrissey Song – O Pioneers
Morrissey wonders why you like him
Morrissey Must Die – The Meatmen
100,000 Morrissey’s – Mr. Floppy