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Episode #31: Summer Heat Means Long Hauls and Close Calls for Johnny Dangerously

I didn’t know what else to title today’s Psychobilly Friday. So, you get what you get.

Someone commented to me that some of the Psychobilly I play ain’t all real Psychobilly. Well, Only The Meteors Are Pure Psychobilly. Or so they say. Psychobilly Friday ain’t just about Psychobilly, it’s also gonna be some Rockabilly, Surf, and Hellbilly. All the stuff that gets lumped together on my mixtapes and phonepods which I label “psychobilly”. Don’t be that guy.

Now that that’s cleared up.

Terminal Signal Playlist for 7/6/12:

Johnny Dangerously – Guitar Slingers
Summer Heat – Ghost Bikini
Long Hauls and Close Calls – Hank III