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Episode #48: Mike Watt And Tequila

C’mon along and ride the Big Train that is Mike Watt Week!

Terminal Signal Mike Watt Week Playlist for 7/31/12

Big Train – Mike Watt
Jesus & Tequila – Minutemen
Whisperin’ While Hollerin’ – fIREHOSE


Episode #32: The Monday Coverup presents Thee Dirtybeats

Monday. Covers! Recently made acquaintance with Thee Dirty Beats, a band out of Chapel Hill, NC that specializes in vintage garage rock. They do some great stuff, and have easily wormed their way into my playlists. And so I play them here. And I’ll play them here again.

You can find them at TheeDirtybeats.com, or facebook, or over at the Garage Punk Hideout and download their album for free over at their bandcamp page, and let them worm their way into your playlist.

Terminal Signal Playlist for 7/9/12:

Mannequin – fIREHOSE (Wire)
The Witch – Thee Dirtybeats (the Sonics)
Electricity – Sonic Youth (Captain Beefheart)


Episode #16 – SST Records Week – Day 5!

This brings to a close the first SST Records week for the Terminal Signal. It’ll happen again down the line. Or possibly that longer Sunday show I threatened you all with. There was so much I didn’t play, but I tried to keep this first foray into SST down to bands I associate with SST Records. I almost never associate Bad Brains with SST, for instance. Oddly enough, I don’t associate the Descendants with SST either. And that’s weird, since most of my Descendants stuff was released by SST. Go Figure.

Go see some live music this weekend.

Until next week!

Terminal Signal SST Records Playlist #5 of 5:

Real World – Hüsker Dü – Metal Circus
This Ain’t No Picnic – Minutemen – Double Nickels on the Dime
What Gets Heard – fIREHOSE – fROMOHIO
Jealous Again – Black Flag – Jealous Again