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EP #127: There Should Be Motherfuckin’ Clowns…

Another Kick Off The Covers Monday is upon us! Celebrate with the likes of such you have never seen!

Whatever that means. Motherfuckin’ Clowns!!!

Terminal Signal EP #127 11/26/2012:

Slack Motherfucker – fIREHOSE (Superchunk)
Ha Ha Ha – The Dirtbombs (Flipper)
Let There Be Rock – Henry Rollins and the Hard Ons (ACDC)


Episode #108: Rise Faster, Brave Louder!

Yeah. The episode titles can get weird sometimes.

Terminal Signal Playlist #108 10/23/12:

Rise Above – Black Flag
Brave Captain – fIREHOSE
Faster & Louder – The Dictators


Episode #51: Me and You, Remembering Mike Watt

That almost makes it seem like he’s gone. He’s not. Mike Watt lives, kids.
This is the end of Mike Watt Week. So much stuff I missed, sticking mostly with fIREHOSE and the Minutemen. Next time I’ll plan it out better.

Terminal Signal Mike Watt Week Playlist for 8/3/12:

History Lesson Part 2 – Minutemen
One Reporter’s Opinion – Minutemen
Me & You Remembering – fIREHOSE
Making The Freeway – fIREHOSE


Episode 50: Mike Watt Is Here To Take On Fuel And Burn!

It’s the 50th show!
I honestly wasn’t ever sure I’d make it past twenty.
In honor of the usual Thursday theme (three or four songs by the same artist), all of today’s Watt songs are songs sung by Watt.

Terminal Signal Mike Watt Week Playlist for 8/2/12:

Formal Introduction – fIREHOSE
Liberty Calls – Mike Watt
Search – Minutemen


Episode #49: Mike Watt Wednesday!

Day Three of Mike Watt Week!

I almost played some Kelly Clarkson. But I didn’t. If anyone can tell me definitively which tracks Watt laid down the bass on “My December” let me know.

Terminal Signal Mike Watt Week Playlist for 8/1/12:

Down With The Bass – fIREHOSE
blowing-it-out-both-ends-man – Mike Watt
The Maze – Minutemen
My Idea of Fun – The Stooges