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LP#4 Saturday Night Special!

Yep. I felt so guilty about missing Thursday and Friday’s EP’s that I decided to make it up to y’all by doing another LP.
And I even did a “Three For” block, and a Psychobilly Set! So we’re all caught up and then some. Right? Right.

Terminal Signal LP #4 Playlist:

  1. Saturday Night Special – The Replacements
  2. Alcohol – Saturday Looks Good To Me
  3. Again and Again – Black Lips
  4. Complete Control – The Clash
  5. Give Me Fire – GBH
  6. Radio Havana – Rancid
  7. Sands of Iwo Jima – Drive-By Truckers
  8. (Looking For) The Heart of Saturday Night – Tom Waits
  9. Here Comes Your Man – Pixies
  10. Dead in the Water – Supersuckers
  11. Pretty Fucked Up – Supersuckers
  12. Devil’s Food – Supersuckers
  13. Evil Eye – The Flametrick Subs
  14. Sweat in the Pillow – Cures of the Pink Hearse
  15. Daisy’s Up Your Butterfly – The Cramps
  16. Whatever Happened To Saturday Night – Brian May & Original RHPS Cast

Episode #80: Drive-By Truckers Three For Thursday!

It’s Thursday! The band I’m honoring today is Drive-By Truckers. Some of you may be puzzled, since lately I’ve just been playing punk. A vicious cycle. Enjoy this! I promise you will.

Terminal Signal Playlist #80 9/13/12:

Careless – Drive-By Truckers
Too Much Sex (Too Little Jesus)(live) – Drive-By Truckers (live)
Nine Bullets – Drive-By Truckers

Image for today’s poster from NineBullets.net.


Terminal Signal #2 Memorial Day

Memorial Day. The Signal is out a little late this morning. But if you had the day off, you probably wanted to sleep in, eh?

You’re welcome.


The Bravest Kids – Rancid – Let the Dominoes Fall

Decoration Day – Drive By Truckers – Decoration Day

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day!