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EP #117: Election Day USA!

Even though the cover art was swiped from a poster in Vancouver. Which is Canada, no matter how many US shows are filmed there.

Go vote. Really.

Terminal Signal Playlist #117 11/6/2012:

Oligarchy – Bad Religion
America! – Bill Callahan
Politicans In My Eyes – Death


Episode #35: Death Comes in Three for Thursdays

Today’s Terminal Signal deals with Death. Not that classic death, but that protopunk garage rock Death.

If you haven’t heard this band before (which wouldn’t be surprising, until recently they only had a self-release of 500 7″ records), you need to listen to today’s podcast.

You can get the recent releases “… For the Whole World to See” and “Spiritual Mental Physical” over at Amazon on CD, MP3 or VINYL. Or through iTunes if that’s your thing. Or maybe even at your local record shop!

Terminal Signal Playlist for 7/12/12:

Keep on Knockin’ – Death
Views – Death
You’re a Prisoner – Death