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EP #135: Friday Psychobilly Revival!

The World’s Greatest daily music podcast returns! And the Terminal Signal is back too!

Needed a few days of slack to keep my brain in one place. Like, my skull. Back again now with more psychobilly than ever before!

Actually, the same amount of psychobilly as usual.

Terminal Signal EP #135:

It’s Your Fault – The Peacocks
Wray-Gun – Deadcats
Revival – Reverend Horton Heat


Episode #106: Psychobilly Train Wreck

I don’t know why I picked songs with the word “train”.

But I did. Enjoy them and have a great weekend.

NOTE: I tell you all to listen to Live Ledge tonight… Probably won’t be a Live Ledge tonight! But you can find the previous podcasts at http://scotthudson.blogspot.com

Terminal Signal Playlist #106 10/19/12:

Death Train – Os Catalepticos
Hate Train – Los Gatos Locos
Night of the Hell Train – Deadcats