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EP #117: Election Day USA!

Even though the cover art was swiped from a poster in Vancouver. Which is Canada, no matter how many US shows are filmed there.

Go vote. Really.

Terminal Signal Playlist #117 11/6/2012:

Oligarchy – Bad Religion
America! – Bill Callahan
Politicans In My Eyes – Death


Episode #29: Hey Baby! It’s the 4th of July!

It’s the 4th of July all around the world. But here in the USA, it’s also Independence Day!

Have a great day, be safe with your booze and explosives. And if you’re an asshole and you’re going to drive drunk, at least load your trunk up with roman candles and shit so it’s at least entertaining for the people who’ll try and save your life.

Another Terminal Signal over ten minutes. I said it would be special yesterday, didn’t I?

Terminal Signal Playlist for The Fourth of July, 2012:

‘Merican – Descendants
4th of July – X
America! – Bill Callahan