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EP #128: I Party Against The Vacant World

Whatever the fuck that means… It has been a pretty vacant world lately though.

Also, Mosh Girl from the cover art may be pretty fucking weird, but she’s also pretty fucking cool. Mosh on, Mosh Girl!

Terminal Signal EP #129 11/28/2012:

Party Til The World Obeys – Meat Puppets
Pretty Vacant Live – Sex Pistols
I Against I – Bad Brains


EP #118: My Brain Is Trashed

That’s why I’ve just got this much to say…

Terminal Signal Playlist #118 11/7/2012:

Banned in DC – Bad Brains
Good Man – Heavy Trash
Hot Wire My Heart – Sonic Youth


Episode #59: Short Songs Explosion!

Short songs are part of what makes punk, punk. Find me an Elton John song under a minute. You can’t.

Not without a ticket to an Elton John show and a sniper rifle, anyway.

And, no I don’t endorse shooting Elton John. He sang that song about Tony Danza, and I like that song.

Today, I give you ten songs in under ten minutes. I only mention nine on the podcast, but saw I had room for one more, so consider the last one a bonus track.

Terminal Signal Playlist for Wednesday 8/15/12:

Give Punk A Chance – Bad Religion
Middle – Rocket From The Crypt
Nic Fit – Sonic Youth
Group Sex – Circle Jerks
The Point – Vinyl Flooring
Give Me Some Action – Fear
F.V.K. – Bad Brains
The Maze – Minutemen
Say No To Authority – Screeching Weasel
Foreign Laws – Meat Puppets (Bonus Track)