Episode #55: Hey! Whores! (A Pixies Three For Thursday)

I’ve been meaning to do a Pixies three for Thursday for weeks, and just kept on forgetting. Today, I have finally remembered to realize that dream. And it’s not much of a dream, really. Almost sad to call this a dream.

What the fuck ever. It’s a Pixies three for Thursday. Enjoy it! Enjoy the gratuitous mention of Whores! Enjoy the Pixies.

Show Art today was swiped from the cover of Transmetropolitan. Darick Robertson was the artist, Warren Ellis wrote the thing and I recommend the series highly. The cover for that issue was part of the “Gouge Away” story arc. So it was fitting to throw it in here. Also, Whores!

Terminal Signal Playlist for Thursday 8/9/12:

Gouge Away – The Pixies
Gigantic – The Pixies
Hey! – The Pixies