Episode #34: We Hate Morrissey

Hating Morrissey can be a full time job. But it shouldn’t be, because if you’re putting that much into it, you’re doing it wrong.

I stumbled across the Meatmen’s hate for Morrissey while moving some old songs to iTunes, and the theme for today was born.

If there is a Morrissey support group for people who want to shake the shame and need for Morrissey, let me know so that we can help others to help themselves.

Terminal Signal Playlist for 7/11/12:

Henry Rollins on why he hates Morrissey
My Life As A Morrissey Song – O Pioneers
Morrissey wonders why you like him
Morrissey Must Die – The Meatmen
100,000 Morrissey’s – Mr. Floppy




  1. […] Also, below is the article used in the cover art for today’s episode in case anyone wants to read Steve Morrissey’s full opinion on the Ramones. And people wonder why I had an entire episode dedicated to my hatred of Morrissey…. […]