Episode #17: Girlfriend In A Coma After Falling Into Funnel of Love

Came across this today…

Steven Morrisey was shocked today to learn that his girlfriend, Wanda Jackson was in a coma after falling into the notorious Funnel of Love.

“There were times, that I could have murdered her,” he wept. “But I didn’t ever want anything to hurt her. She always said that the funnel of love was going to get her someday.”

Dr. M Nixon says her prognosis is not good. “It’s just another case of Southern Culture on the Skids,” he said.

Yeah. I think I’m cute.

Terminal Signal Playlist for 6/18/12

Funnel of Love – Southern Culture on the Skids (Wanda Jackson)- Countrypolitan Favorites 
Girlfriend in a Coma – Mojo Nixon (The Smiths) – Whereabouts Unknown