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Feedback Loop: Iggy Pop & Ginger Baker cover Black Keys “Lonely Boy”

Iggy Pop and Ginger Baker cover Lonely Boy for the Black Keys tribute album Black on Blues. It’s interesting not only for the pure “what it is”, but also because you know that the Black Keys had to grow up listening to and being inspired by these guys. It’s below:

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Metallica Are Back in Action with a Festival and 3D Movie – Rolling Stone

I have to imagine that the 3d movie is going to be a concert film, rather than Metallica’s own version of Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park, which I personally think would be a better idea than a concert film in 3d. But the whole idea of a festival interests me. Anyone going?

Ulrich, singer-guitarist James Hetfield, guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo will perform the Black Album at their Orion Music + More festival, to be held June 23rd-24th in Atlantic City… An eight-show run in Mexico City will feature an extravagant new stage that is a component of the 3D movie Metallica are developing with director Nimród Antal. And with Orion Music + More, Metallica are launching a personalized twist on the festival experience. Ulrich is programming a film tent; Hammett is the host of Kirk’s Crypt, devoted to his collection of horror-movie memorabilia.

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Terminal Signal? Are you kidding with this shit?


Another web project.

Terminal Signal is a Podcast. Monday through Friday, it’s a short blast of AngryBob bitching about something, then blasting music at you to get you up and moving. In the future, there will be potentially a Saturday jolt, and a whole hour or so on Sunday of music.

I hear you laughing.